Most of the exquisite indoor fashion statements are made in Nature’s own language. Fresh, ethnic and chic. Thanks to Green Movements, Nature is being ushered into home/hotel decor. Natural decor is versatile in application. What’s more, the decor products are absolutely Eco-friendly and Bio-degradable! Causing little environmental hazard . Also, it is like rolling in pure “Mother Nature”, because, it’s 100%natural, with no room for synthetic processing.

In achieving exquisite finish, intricate designs, shapes, textures etc., natural fibres like coir, jute, cotton, seagrass and rubber offer versatile design scope, unmatched-dust/dirt absorption properties and the like. Making it the smartest way to floor your guests,even at the doorsteps!

Technology enhancement at MATEX has been evolving through research and experimentation. The 66 years long pioneering, dedicated efforts of permutations and combinations resulted not just in design patterns, but in introducing other compatible natural fibres . It is the spirit of relentless pursuit of excellence to not only keep abreast but remain ahead-of-times in fashion trends that makes MATEX, enviably successful. Quality consciousness has been a magnificent obsession , its upkeep, a watch word . The same uncompromising care is shown in the handpicking of raw material input and manufacturing.

Endearing celebration in interior decor , that blossoms into breathtaking designs owes to the company’s unique fibre-softening techniques . The company pursues good manufacturing practices which include the choosing of azo-free, non-carcinogenic original dyes . Rubber , with its natural ability to withstand moisture, and other challenges that decor items are commonly exposed to, has also been prudently used to enhance durability ,intrinsic strength and compactness of MATEX PRODUCTS.

MATEX products have the time-tested stamp of quality and color-fastness. With these benefits , no wonder , MATEX has ,amply proven its business mettle. Through more than 6 decades of single–minded “obsession” with Coir and other natural fibres, the company has endeared itself to an immensely satisfied overseas customer base, across all continents. The range and versatility are simply mind boggling. But the cost, seldom is. Truly, timeless creations, indeed!

Made of 100% bio- degradable, natural coir fibre.They are..     more
Easy to lock and unlock.They are suitable for Factories, Distilleries,                               more
Natural, Hand Woven, Soft Durable. Natural jute varies in color..     more
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